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Product announcement: More source languages

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

Fluentic’s mission is to enable companies to offer unlimited support to their customers without the limitations of time zones or language.

Therefore we are excited to announce that we are adding more source languages to the mix, meaning proficiency in English will no longer be required for using the Fluentic app.

Fluentic globe

Until now the Fluentic app has been using English as the default source language, meaning that it translates all incoming customer messages into English first for the customer service agent to process and write their reply, then back into the original customer language.

With the new source languages being added, the incoming messages can be translated into the customer service agent’s own language first, whatever it may be. Fluentic translates messages into 80 different languages. This will make not only the customer’s but also the agent’s own native language a non-issue and make for an even better user experience.

This will also open up new possibilities for companies using Fluentic, making it even more accessible and easier to use.

If you’re interested to learn more and work with us to define what this could do for your company, please contact us!

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