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Multilingual communication

Fluentic is an AI-powered, intuitive translation application for customer service automation in Salesforce Service Cloud.


With the AI-powered, intuitive Translation Application, Fluentic makes multilingual customer communication in the Salesforce Service Cloud easier than ever.


By removing language barriers and the need for language-based routing, it enables any customer support representative to communicate with any customer real-time, in their preferred language and through their preferred communication channels.


The application instantly translates communication between the customer and customer support representative, whether via Email-to-Case, Web-to-Case, Salesforce Chat, WhatsApp, or Facebook Messenger.

High-quality translations


Instant and automatic translation process




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Supports translation of almost 80 languages

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Seamless integration into Salesforce

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AI powered instant, high-quality translations and is constantly learning

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Include your company's glossary of important words and phrases

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Clear and affordable pricing structure

Demo Videos

How Fluentic Multilingual Communication Works

The Fluentic application translates correspondence between the customer and the customer support agent in real-time.


When a new customer Case is created, the ticket gets automatically translated into the support agent's language. The agent can write the reply in their own language and send it, and it will be automatically and instantly translated back into the customer's language before delivery. Alternatively, they can choose to preview the translation before sending the message. The customer sees the entire conversation in their own language and the agent in their own.

With Fluentic, support agents can handle multiple tickets simultaneously in different languages, making the process faster and more efficient. By communicating with each customer in their preferred language, your business can establish customer trust and offer multilingual support without the need for dedicated resources for each language.


The Case translation option automatically becomes a part of the familiar Salesforce Case environment, making it intuitive to use with no additional training needed.

Watch the demo videos below to see how it works in practice as part of the native Salesforce Service Cloud UI.

Multilingual Case/ Email

Multilingual Salesforce Chat

Why Our Clients Love Fluentic Multilingual Communication Application

Fluentic’s Salesforce translation application offers instant, high-quality translations, enabling smooth, real-time communication between customers, customer support agents and field service personnel in their own preferred language.

The Fluentic app has been purpose-built for Salesforce Service Cloud. The installation is extremely easy and typically takes less than 30 minutes.

The Fluentic app is easily visible as a separate editor specifically designed for the Case object. Customer support teams can easily communicate with global customers and partners without changing windows.


The installation can also be customised with your company’s unique glossary of words, phrases and tone of voice to ensure that it's on-brand and industry-specific.


Fluentic for Salesforce Service Cloud uses AI to learn from the replies, constantly improving the translations it produces to match your company's individual tone and style.


These refinements mean you can rest assured that your messaging is consistent across all the 77 supported languages, reinforcing your brand and delivering the same level of service to all your clients worldwide.

Transform Your Customer Service Operations with Fluentic

By removing language barriers and the need for language-based routing, Fluentic allows your business to scale its customer support operations while reducing operation costs.


Waiting time will be shorter, and each customer will be able to receive faster and better service in their preferred language. This typically improves customer satisfaction, trust and retention.

Fluentic makes it easy and risk-free to explore new opportunities and markets with your existing resources, opening new revenue streams and helping your business grow.

Find Fluentic on AppExchange. Contact us to learn more or request a demo.

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