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Fluentic Solutions

Our solutions are designed to make multilingual

customer communication easier than ever before.

Fluentic offers a comprehensive toolkit to help streamline your global customer communication through AI-powered translations, automation and efficient optimisation of your workforce, resulting in improved operational efficiency, cost savings and better CSAT scores.

The solutions have been purpose-built for Salesforce Service Cloud offering a seamless integration and intuitive user experience. Ask about our solutions for other customer service platforms.

Are you ready to rethink your customer communication without language barriers?

Learn about our solutions below and watch demo videos to see them in action.

Multilingual Communication

Fluentic’s AI-powered translation application offers fast, high-quality translations for multilingual omnichannel customer communication.


Enhance your existing support team’s language abilities and unlock global support in your customers’ preferred language.

Multilingual Feedback Management

Set up multilingual Feedback Management with Fluentic's high-quality translations using Salesforce Flows.


Fluentic will automatically translate free-form answers in your customer surveys for easy processing and analysis.

Multilingual Einstein Bot

Use Fluentic to train your Einstein bots to be multilingual.


Automate the translations of utterances and train the bot for optimal intent usage in multiple different languages.

Fluentic Consulting Services

We offer consulting services designed to address your burning questions, lay the foundation for a successful implementation, and pave the way for multilingual customer service transformation in your organisation.

Knowledge Article Translation

With Fluentic you can effortlessly translate Salesforce Knowledge articles, the vital resources for customer self-service, and keep them up to date in several languages to ensure accessibility for all users and chatbots in all languages.

Content Identification

Fluentic will pick the important details from the client messages and fill them into the Salesforce Case record automatically.


This streamlines the support agents’ work and reduces manual steps.

Website Content Localisation

Fluentic offers services to automatically translate your website or e-commerce store content into multiple different languages.


Localised language versions make your website more accessible to diverse global customers.

Want to hear how Fluentic can help transform your customer service operations?

Contact us and our dedicated team of experts will assist you.

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