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Website Content Localisation

Fluentic offers services to automatically translate your website or e-commerce store content into 110+ languages instantly, with little to no extra resources.


Simply connect the translation tool to your website. It offers easy click-and-go integrations to all the most common website platforms. The tool will automatically detect the content, whether published or unpublished, and translate it into all your chosen languages instantly.


You can fully customise the language menu to suit your brand and the style of your website and set rules to what content is being translated.


Offering multiple different languages versions of your website offers many benefits that can significantly impact your business.

Key Benefits of Offering a Multilingual Localised Website

Translating a website into multiple languages offers many benefits that can significantly impact your business.


Here are some key benefits

Wider reach

Fewer than 20% of Internet users are native-English speakers. By localising your website to more world languages, you open it to wider global audiences. (Source: 2021 Web Globalization Report Card)

Improved SEO and discoverability

Translating your website to more languages makes it easier for global audiences to discover online, and drives more organic (free) traffic from different regions.

Better customer experience and higher engagement

Providing content in users' preferred languages improves their overall experience on your website. Visitors are more likely to engage with a website that's presented in their native language. 65% of consumers prefer content in their language.

Higher conversion rate

76% of consumers prefer purchasing products with information in their own language. 40% will not buy from websites in other languages. (Source: CSA Research, Can’t Read, Won’t Buy – B2C)

Competitive advantage

Now more than ever businesses need to differentiate themselves to gain an advantage over their competitors. A multilingual website helps boost cross-border e-commerce sales.

Better inclusivity and accessibility

It makes the website content more accessible for people from different linguistic backgrounds. 44% of European Internet users feel they are missing interesting information because web pages are in a foreign language. (Source: Flash Eurobarometer survey)


Better support and customer relationship

When users can interact with the website in their preferred language, it creates trust and makes them more comfortable seeking customer support when needed, fostering better customer relationships and retention.

To hear more about the website content translation solution, contact us and our team will be happy to help you.

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