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Knowledge Article Translation

Salesforce Knowledge has long been a vital tool for organisations looking to streamline their customer support operations.


It serves as a centralised hub of information and content, benefiting both customers and the support team. Customers can easily find answers to their queries, while support agents can access critical information quickly, resulting in improved customer service and reduced resolution times. It is also one of the key resources used to fetch answers for chatbots.

As well as translating customer service correspondence in real-time for email, web form, chat, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger, Fluentic now also offers a solution to translate Salesforce Knowledge articles.


With Fluentic, businesses can streamline and optimise their customer support operations by automating the translations of their Salesforce Knowledge articles into up to 80 languages. 

Why Automate Knowledge Article Translation

As your business grows and expands into new markets, having a foundation of multilingual Knowledge base articles in place can make the transition smoother.

By automating the translation of your company's Knowledge base, you ensure that all the information and self-service content is always available and up-to-date in all the languages your global customers and internal teams use.

Offering your Salesforce Knowledge base articles in multiple languages enhances accessibility and ensures that customers and support staff from different linguistic backgrounds can access the information effortlessly. 


This also allows the content to be fetched for automated chatbot responses no matter the language of the conversation.

Fluentic specialises in solutions that help automate and streamline processes within Salesforce Service Cloud by removing language barriers and the need for language-based routing.


If you would like to hear more about using Fluentic to translate Knowledge articles, contact us and our dedicated team of experts will assist you.

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