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AI-powered multilingual customer communication

Fluentic offers a dynamic, AI-based translation application for multilingual customer service communication in almost 80 languages. 


The intuitive Fluentic solution automatically translates messages between the customer's language and the agent's language in real time, allowing customer service agents to address them efficiently and handle customer inquiries in multiple languages simultaneously.

Our Story

The demand for a service like Fluentic was recognised during the global crises of recent years, when many companies had to rethink what digitalisation can do for their business. One of the biggest changes has been the dramatic decline in face-to-face communication. Even major companies in more traditional industries have largely switched to digital channels for both internal and external communication. 


Because providing service in multiple languages is difficult, over time many companies chose to use only English. However, this trend has been to the disadvantage of customers and employees alike, as people generally prefer to use their native language whenever possible.


Powered by artificial intelligence, Fluentic is a pioneering application that allows companies to meet the enormous demand for multilingual customer service. 


Fluentic app was launched in October 2021. While the technology itself is relatively recently developed, the logic and know-how behind the automated translations benefit from 15 years of expertise at Transfluent, a leading Finnish translation agency with over 1,600 clients worldwide.


The two-company arrangement enabled us to manage and develop two types of language service: the more traditional translations and the automated, AI-powered ones in parallel and in cooperation. The AI is being continuously trained by experienced human translators to support machine learning, improving the speed and quality of the translations.


Fluentic’s main partner is cloud-based software company Salesforce. Fluentic is also available for other selected customer service environments.


The Fluentic app has already been adopted by dozens of forward-thinking global organisations in a diverse range of industries, including banking, fashion, gaming, healthcare, software development, manufacturing, travel, and wellness.

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