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What is Fluentic?

Fluentic App is an intuitive solution that automatically translates customer service messages into English once they arrive.  Customer Service Agents can then write their responses in English, and these too will be automatically translated back into the customer’s language.


The app can translate specific words or phrases in the way you want, such as product names or industry-specific terms. AI learns all the time. 


The app also uses AI to learn about the company’s tone of voice to adapt future messages accordingly.

High-quality translations


Instant and automatic translation process



Make your Salesforce Service Cloud multilingual

Fast, high-quality AI-enhanced translations for multilingual communication. Fluentic integrates seamlessly with Salesforce Service Cloud, making it easier to provide quality customer support globally.


Read and respond to messages directly from the Salesforce UI. There’s no need to switch to another section or change windows.


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Supports translation of almost 80 languages

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Seamless integration into Salesforce

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AI powered instant, high-quality translations and is constantly learning

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Include your company's glossary of important words and phrases

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Clear and affordable pricing structure

How Fluentic for Salesforce Service Cloud Works

In today’s global economy, businesses need to communicate with customers who speak different languages.


Fluentic’s Salesforce app makes this an easy and smooth process by translating back and forth between English and your customer’s language automatically and instantly.

Fluentic helps your customer support agent understand incoming messages with a translation into English. This requires no action from your team, the message appears in your Salesforce case feed in English automatically.

See some of the use cases in the video demos below.

Multilingual Chat

Multilingual Chat - Fluentic for Salesforce Service Cloud

Multilingual Chat - Fluentic for Salesforce Service Cloud

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Multilingual Cases and Emails