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What is Fluentic?

Fluentic for Salesforce Service Cloud is an AI-powered, intuitive translation application for customer service automation.


It allows customer service agents to communicate with global customers in their preferred language and through their preferred communication channels, which not only enhances customer experience but also builds trust and credibility while improving the efficiency of customer service operations.


Fluentic supports multilingual customer communication in the Service Cloud environment with Email/ Cases, Web to form, Salesforce Chat, Einstein Bots as well as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. The app seamlessly integrates with these popular messaging platforms making customer communication easier than ever before.

High-quality translations


Instant and automatic translation process



Make your Salesforce Service Cloud multilingual

Fast, high-quality AI-enhanced translations for multilingual customer communication. Fluentic integrates seamlessly with Salesforce Service Cloud, making it easier to provide quality customer support to a diverse customer base globally.


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Supports translation of almost 80 languages

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Seamless integration into Salesforce

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AI powered instant, high-quality translations and is constantly learning

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Include your company's glossary of important words and phrases

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Clear and affordable pricing structure

How Fluentic for Salesforce Service Cloud Works

The Fluentic application makes multilingual customer communication easy by translating the correspondence between the customer and the support agent, making communication effortless regardless of language. The translations happen automatically and instantly.

The ticket gets automatically translated into English when the case is created. The support agent can write their reply in English and send it, and it will be automatically and instantly translated back into the customer's language before delivery. Alternatively, they can choose to preview the translation before sending the message.

With Fluentic, any support agent can serve any customer at any time, with no language barriers. Therefore you can establish customer trust and offer multilingual support without hiring a team member for every language.

See some of the use cases in the video demos below.

Multilingual Chat

Multilingual Chat - Fluentic for Salesforce Service Cloud.mp4

Multilingual Chat - Fluentic for Salesforce Service Cloud.mp4

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Demo Videos

Multilingual Cases and Emails