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Customer Service in the Finance Industry

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In today's globalised economy, the finance industry operates on an international scale, serving clients from diverse linguistic backgrounds. To effectively cater to this multicultural clientele, financial businesses face the unique challenge of providing seamless multilingual customer service.

  • Language Barriers and Communication: Misunderstandings or misinterpretations due to language limitations can lead to errors, confusion, and even legal ramifications. Addressing this challenge necessitates the availability of skilled professionals fluent in all the required languages, or leveraging technology solutions such as multilingual chatbots or translation tools.

  • Regulatory Compliance: Providing multilingual customer service while ensuring compliance poses a significant challenge. Companies must develop robust translation and localisation processes to maintain compliance across all linguistic contexts.

  • Scalability and Resource Allocation: Allocating resources proficient in multiple languages can be demanding, especially in organisations that serve a wide range of linguistic markets. Striking a balance between providing comprehensive language support and managing costs requires a careful evaluation of operational needs, technology integration, and the utilisation of outsourcing options.

  • Data Security and Privacy: The finance industry operates with sensitive customer information, making data security and privacy a critical concern. Robust measures, such as secure translation solutions, confidentiality agreements, and data encryption, must be implemented to safeguard customer information during multilingual interactions.

Financial service businesses need to adopt new technologies and develop their internal processes to overcome these challenges in order to improve their overall customer satisfaction and ensure customer retention.

The Fluentic app makes for a better and faster customer support experience, strengthening your long-term relationship with your customers. Furthermore, it helps streamline internal processes, leading to increased efficiency and cost savings.

Here are some practical examples of how businesses in the finance industry have benefited from choosing Fluentic as part of their customer service operations.

Multilingual Support in the Finance Industry

Multilingual customer support plays a crucial role in the financial service business, particularly in today’s highly competitive global marketplace.


To establish effective multilingual customer support, financial service businesses have traditionally had to invest in language training, hire multilingual support staff and make use of translation and interpretation services. 


Today, making good use of AI and translation technology is instrumental in overcoming language barriers on a global scale. The more customer cases can be handled and centralised through digital channels, the more time is saved and the more cost-efficient customer service operations become.


Fluentic’s AI-powered translation solution for customer service automation helps improve efficiency and customer satisfaction in the financial service industry. Our financial service clients have experienced several benefits since starting to use the Fluentic app.


In today's globalised economy, the finance industry operates on an international scale, serving clients from diverse linguistic backgrounds. To effectively cater to this multicultural clientele, financial businesses face the unique challenge of providing seamless multilingual customer service.

Cost and Resource Efficiency

Businesses can leverage Fluentic's capabilities to handle customer inquiries in multiple languages simultaneously. This efficient allocation of resources allows businesses to scale their operations effectively, manage costs, and focus on other critical areas of their business.

Improved customer experience

Enabling service in the customer’s preferred language leads to greater clarity, reduces confusion, and enhances comprehension of complex financial concepts. This translates into higher customer satisfaction, lower churn rates, and increased referrals.

Competitive Advantage

Institutions that can effectively communicate with clients in their native languages gain a unique selling point. This not only helps attract new clients but also differentiates institutions from competitors in an increasingly globalised marketplace.

Enhanced Communication and Trust

By offering a seamless customer experience for all their global customers, financial service organisations can build trust, enhance customer satisfaction, and boost loyalty, fostering long-term relationships between them and their customers.

Efficiency and Response Times

Fluentic streamlines customer interactions and improves response times. Customers can communicate with any representative without language limitations, resulting in quicker issue resolution and efficient customer service operations.

Expanded Global Reach

Breaking down language barriers enables financial service organisations to connect with potential customers across borders, opening doors to new opportunities and revenue streams.

Automating multilingual customer support with Fluentic offers significant benefits to financial service businesses, solving language-related problems and enhancing customer service operations.


By using Fluentic to bridge language gaps, financial service businesses can utilise digital channels more extensively, improve efficiency, reduce costs, and deliver exceptional customer experiences in a global marketplace.

One of our financial service clients has measured their customer satisfaction increasing to 94%, and >200 % growth in revenue from sales within customer service. After the transformation and implementation of the Fluentic app, 80 % of all their customer service interaction now happens in automated digital channels.


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