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Fluentic Consulting Services

Start your multilingual customer service transformation with the help of Fluentic Consulting Services. 


Are you looking to automate and streamline your multilingual customer communication, making it more efficient and scalable? Fluentic can help you get started or support you in your transformation journey.


We offer consulting services designed to address your burning questions, lay the foundation for a successful implementation, and pave the way for multilingual customer service transformation in your organisation.

Our starter package project is designed to find answers to your key questions
and provide a business case and roadmap for successful implementation.


How to get started with the transformation project?

  • Identifying the first Salesforce cases and teams to start the project with

  • Defining the necessary IT requirements

  • Measuring the pilot results and defining success


What kind of operational changes may translation application impact once used at full potential?

  • Amount of resources needed after language barriers and language-based routing have become redundant

  • Impact on future job roles

  • Changes to the organisational structure, etc.


What will be the business impact of Fluentic being used on full scale?

  • Impact on internal expenses

  • Uncovering new business opportunities

  • Impact on your bottom line

Our expert consultants will guide your business through a transformative journey, leveraging cutting-edge technology to integrate a multilingual translation app seamlessly into your Salesforce Service Cloud environment.

Benefits of the Fluentic Consultation Starter Pack

Strategic Clarity

Gain a comprehensive roadmap to guide your customer service transformation, ensuring no critical aspect is overlooked.


Well-informed Decision-making

Base your decisions on data and expert insights, minimising risks and maximising success.


Improved Efficiency and Cost Savings 

Streamline processes, and optimise your workforce, leading to improved operational efficiency.


Generate Revenue

Unlock new markets, enhance global customer experiences, and discover revenue streams that were once hindered by language barriers.

To hear more about Fluentic Consultation Services, contact us and our dedicated team of experts will assist you.

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