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Better, multilingual customer service made easy

When customers want...

Fast response times.

To get service in their preferred language.

To get the help they need when they need it.

And the business wants...

Easier, flexible resourcing. 

Scalable, automated processes.

Lower costs.

Better customer satisfaction.





Powerful AI translation app for multilingual customer communication in Salesforce Service Cloud.

Next-level customer experience with unlimited support in any language.

The ability to serve customers in their own language without needing to know that language.

The ability to serve more customers with the same amount of staff.


Use in a sentence

"We went Fluentic and it helped us increase our CSAT to 94%.”

“Your customer support doesn’t need to know Spanish. Just give them Fluentic.”

“What did you change to be able to answer 70% more customer messages with the same amount of staff?

We made the process more Fluentic.”


Ease, customer centricity, efficiency, cost-effectiveness, coherence, scalability, growth

5 Reasons to go Fluentic

Speak Your

Customers' Language

Ensure that your customers feel understood, supported, and valued in their preferred language. This helps improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Boost Agent Productivity

With real time, AI-generated translations in nearly 80 languages, the team can serve more customers more efficiently.

Save Money

No need to hire multilingual agents or 3rd party translation services, saving valuable resources while still delivering high-quality support.

Easy Integration

Seamless one-click integration with your Salesforce Service Cloud, streamlining your customer support workflow. Intuitive to use, no training needed.

Gain Competitive Advantage

Stay ahead in the highly competitive global market by offering superior, frictionless, and personalised customer experiences to a diverse global audience.

Want to know more?

Read how Fluentic improves the efficiency of multilingual customer support on Service Cloud and watch product demos.

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