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On this page you will find investor information about Fluentic.



Fluentic is a unique multilingual platform that seamlessly integrates with e.g. Salesforce and Zendesk, offering a robust LLM capability for real-time, barrier-free customer service communication. Fluentic can autonomously manage customer service queries 24/7, and assist customer service agents in communicating in 80 languages. By harnessing the power of AI, Fluentic has already enabled global leading businesses to operate their customer service more efficiently with fewer staff, while significantly improving customer satisfaction and enabling rapid, effective global communication.



Notice is given to the shareholders of Fluentic Oy, business ID: 2147448-3, to the annual general meeting to be held on Wednesday 26 June 2024 at 5 pm (EET) / 4 pm. (CET) at the premises of the company, address Mikonkatu 9 (Epicenter), 00100 Helsinki, Finland. The language used at the Annual General Meeting will be Finnish.

A shareholder may participate in the general meeting on condition of giving advance notice of participation to the company no later than on 24 June 2024 at 4 pm (EET) / 3 pm (CET). The notice of participation shall be delivered by e-mail to the managing director of the company to


Fluentic has sold its subsidiary, Transfluent Oy, to the Latvian company Nordtext. 

The sale of the subsidiary has no impact on the operations of Fluentic. Fluentic will continue to operate independently, focusing on customer service automation and eliminating language barriers in communication between people and it-systems. 

You can find brief announcement regarding the business transaction here.

The investor round is now open. You can invest in Fluentic through the portal.

Why invest in Fluentic?
💎 Forerunner in the AI/LLM revolution, opportunity to revolutionize customer service communication without language barriers.
💎 Proven, scalable SaaS business model with a high gross margin.
💎 Well-known global customers with high retention and customer satisfaction in delivering real business value with AI.
💎 Well-aligned sales and marketing channels with a strong B2B sales pipeline to deliver growth.


Mikko Räty


Mobile: +358 50 330 8466

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