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Customer Service in the Manufacturing Industry



Timely, efficient, and reliable field service is critical to the success of manufacturing businesses. The needs are often urgent, and the service itself tends to be technical, so managing all the relevant factors and keeping your team in sync is no small challenge.


The manufacturing industry faces specific customer service challenges due to the nature of its operations, complex supply chains, and unique customer requirements. Here are some of the biggest hurdles regarding customer service in the manufacturing industry.

  • Supply chain disruptions: Disruptions in the supply chain, such as material shortages, transportation delays, production problems can impact order fulfillment. In these cases, timely and accurate communication is crucial.

  • Timely and accurate communication: Manufacturing processes often involve various stages, from initial inquiry to production, delivery, post-sales support, and maintenance. Coordinating these complex workflows while providing real-time updates to global customers can be demanding.

  • Field service and on-site support: Coordinating field service activities, managing service technicians, and ensuring timely responses to customer service requests can be difficult, especially in geographically dispersed regions.

  • Global customer support: Many manufacturing companies operate globally and serve customers across different time zones and in different language areas. Providing consistent support and addressing customer inquiries promptly across these diverse geographical and linguistic contexts can be demanding.

  • Customer expectations: Telephone has traditionally been the main channel of customer communication, but today more customers expect instant support via email, live chat, and remote diagnostics. Offering real-time multichannel support still poses a challenge to many manufacturers.

These issues can all impact the quality of customer service, and consequently the customer experience in the manufacturing industry. Manufacturing businesses need to adopt new technologies and develop their internal processes and workflows to overcome these challenges in order to improve overall customer satisfaction and retention.


Fluentic app for with Salesforce Service Cloud makes field service smarter and more efficient. As part of your Service Cloud, it can help improve collaboration and customer satisfaction, leverage AI for better communication, and reduce the in-person visits necessary to support your customers.

Multilingual support in the Manufacturing Industry

Multilingual customer support plays a crucial role in the manufacturing business, particularly in today’s highly competitive global marketplace.


To establish effective multilingual customer support, manufacturing businesses have traditionally had to invest in language training, hire multilingual support staff and make use of translation and interpretation services. 


Field service management is one of the critical aspects of customer service in the manufacturing industry. However, the communication between the customer, support, and technician can be complicated to manage efficiently, especially when there isn’t a common language. 


Today, making good use of AI and translation technology is instrumental in overcoming language barriers on a global scale. The more customer cases can be handled and centralised through digital channels, the more time is saved and the more cost-efficient customer service operations become.


Fluentic’s AI-powered translation solution for customer service automation helps improve efficiency and customer satisfaction in the manufacturing industry. Our manufacturing industry clients have experienced several benefits since starting to use the Fluentic app.


Fluentic’s AI-powered translation solution for multilingual customer service offers relief for many of the common challenges in the manufacturing industry. Here are some of the benefits our clients have experienced since adopting the Fluentic app as part of their customer support operations.

Cost savings

By removing the language barriers, customer support can be handled more cost-efficiently from a centralised location, enabling 24/7 support through digital channels with the existing support team.

Improved customer experience

When customers can easily communicate and receive assistance in their own language, it fosters trust, satisfaction, and a positive perception of the manufacturer. Positive experiences lead to better customer retention, brand loyalty, and referrals.

Standardised communication

Maintaining a standardised approach and unified experience across channels and locations, ensuring that customers receive consistent information, regardless of the language in which they communicate.

Speed and responsiveness

Immediate translations between the customer and support personnel or technician allows customers to access support at any time, regardless of their language or location, ensuring prompt responses, quicker problem resolution, and overall faster customer service.

Efficient troubleshooting and resolution

Offering unlimited, multilingual customer support reduces the chances of misunderstandings and facilitates efficient problem resolution, leading to improved customer satisfaction.

Scalability and efficiency

When language barriers are removed, manufacturers can handle a high volume of customer inquiries and provide consistent and prompt responses, improving efficiency and reducing the need for manual intervention.

Automating multilingual customer support with Fluentic offers significant benefits to manufacturers, solving language-related problems and enhancing customer service operations.


By using Fluentic to bridge language gaps, manufacturers can utilise digital channels more extensively, improve efficiency, reduce costs, and deliver exceptional customer experiences in a global marketplace.



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