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Customer Service in
the Travel Industry



Travel, transportation and hospitality are some of the most customer-centric industries where customer service plays a crucial role in shaping the overall experience of travellers. However, customer service operations in the travel industry are often faced with several common problems.


  • Lack of personalisation: Each customer is treated as just another transaction rather than as individual with unique needs and preferences.

  • Complex travel booking processes: That can cause confusion and frustration among customers and lead them to contact support.

  • Delays, cancellations, and other unforeseen circumstances: These can cause significant disruptions to travel plans, leading to dissatisfied customers and unexpected peaks in customer inquiries.

  • Industry’s 24/7 nature: Customers expect to be able to get service around the clock, whenever they need it, which can be difficult for businesses to manage efficiently.

  • Customers expectations: Customers expect prompt, personalised, real-time support through their preferred channels and service in a language they can understand.

These and more can impact the quality of customer service and consequently the customer experience in the travel industry. Businesses need to adopt new technologies and develop their internal processes to overcome these challenges in order to improve their overall customer satisfaction and ensure customer retention.


The Fluentic app makes for a better and faster customer support experience, strengthening your long-term relationship with your customers. Furthermore, it helps streamline internal processes leading to better efficiency and cost savings.

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automate multilingual customer service 

To be able to serve all their customers, traditionally travel businesses have had to invest in language training and interpreting services and focus on language skills when recruiting staff. It is hard to predict which languages will be in demand and in what volumes at any given time, meaning that some of the agents will have long queues waiting, while some will be sitting idle. National and religious holidays also limit the availability of customer service staff.


Although phone calls as the service channel still plays an important role in handling the most complex and sensitive customer cases, it is also the most costly and in many ways least efficient customer communication channel. The more customer cases can be handled through digital channels, the more time is saved and the more cost-efficient customer service operations become.


Fluentic’s AI-powered translation solution for customer service automation helps solve many of the common problems in the travel industry. Our travel industry clients have experienced several benefits since starting to use the Fluentic app.


Fluentic’s AI-powered translation solution for multilingual customer service offers relief for many of the common challenges in the travel industry. Here are some of the benefits our clients have experienced since adopting the Fluentic app as part of their customer support operations.

Cost savings

By removing language barriers, customer support operations can be handled more cost-efficiently from a centralised location, enabling 24/7 customer service.

Faster response times

Queuing times are shorter and customers get answers to their questions faster, leading to better customer satisfaction.

Low agent downtime

Better customer experience

Providing customer support in the customer’s preferred language helps build loyalty and trust, leading to increased brand preference and higher customer retention rates.

Any customer support agent can serve any customer and handle many cases simultaneously. This means low idle time between calls for agents, which leads to improved efficiency and time management.

Ability to react quickly

With centralised, scalable customer support, travel companies can quickly react to sudden peaks in customer inquiries, with agents handling customer inquiries in multiple languages simultaneously.

Using the Fluentic application can also help uncover insights, such as:


  • Which languages have the most demand, once more language options have been enabled.

  • What are the most popular customer service channels, once more digital channels have been enabled.

  • How many more customer cases can each support agent solve when the language restrictions have been removed.

  • How much the CSAT (customer satisfaction) score improves when each customer can get service faster and in their preferred language.


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