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Multilingual Einstein

Salesforce is rapidly developing Generative Einstein services. However, Salesforce does not support all languages, and customer service representatives may need translations of Service ReplyEinstein Article recommendations or Voice Summary into their own language. Fluentic supports and develops its services to complement those offered by Salesforce, ensuring they align with the Einstein Trust Layer.

Einstein bots

Einstein Bots, leveraging the capabilities of AI, can significantly enhance the customer service journey. These versatile bots operate seamlessly across various channels such as SMS, Chat, Slack, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp.


The primary advantages of deploying bots include their ability to autonomously address routine inquiries, collect essential information before routing to a human agent, and adapt to customers' preferred communication channels. This not only facilitates efficient query resolution without agent intervention but also ensures a personalised and accessible customer experience.


The Fluentic app for Salesforce Einstein Bots can further improve the productivity and quality of your customer service. With Fluentic for Einstein Bots, you can automate the translations of utterances in up to 80 languages. Just choose the customer utterances in different languages and effortlessly train the bot for optimal intent usage in those languages.

The quality of the translations will progressively improve the more you use the application, as the AI will continuously learn more about your company’s tone of voice and terminology. You can also incorporate your own glossary into the system to ensure the best possible translations for your company.


Watch the demo video below to see how it works in practice as part of the native Salesforce Service Cloud UI.

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