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How Multitude transformed their digital customer experience with the help of Fluentic

  • Company: Multitude Group/ Multitude Bank

  • Industry: Finance/ FinTech

  • Revenue: >230M€

  • HQ: Finland

  • Operations in 19 countries 

  • The second biggest FinTech company in Finland

The Challenge

Support was focused on the traditional “analogue” service model where calls and emails were the dominant service channels.


Moving towards a digital economy and with customer expectations growing and becoming more demanding, the service model had to be changed. 


Multitude’s aim was to operate globally and support customers in multiple languages, without the need to have native-speaker staff for all those languages.

They wanted to


  • Make the customer service unit work more efficiently

  • Remove the language barrier to enable offshore operations and cost savings

  • Provide a more consistent experience across multiple markets

  • Focus on people skills and not language skills

"Translating language is easier than translating experience."

The Solution

  • Radical digitalization of the entire customer journey.


  • Focus on “click to serve” user-friendly self-help tools along with well-trained customer service professionals. 


  • Fluentic’s AI-translation application enabling customer service agents to respond to customer messages written in a range of different languages.

The Outcome

Multitude’s customer care and sales specialists can now focus on more complex queries, sales, and retention, while the easier – repetitive requests are handled by AI.

“Fluentic is helping us to transform our multinational team into more centralized and synchronized support, where we are not dependent on language skills.”

Darko Popovic, Chief Operating Officer

Ferratum Bank, Global

  • 74 % of service queries are being resolved by AI chatbots without involvement from humans.

  • 70 % decrease in customer cases needing involvement from customer service specialists.

  • Increase from 89 % to 94% in customer satisfaction

  • 80 % of all their customer service interaction happens in automated digital channels. Voice represents a minor support channel being used mainly for more complex and sales/ retention-related cases.

  • Customers can choose their digital support channel based on their preference, with consistent brand experience no matter what channel or market.

  • All their agents can now serve customers in over 15 languages. Multitude’s support is no longer dependent on language skills, they can communicate with their customers in their language, without the need to have native-speaking agents.

  • >200 % growth in revenue from sales within CS since 2020.

“The time, when businesses had to have native speakers to handle customer-facing processes is gone.”

The cooperation and partnership between Multitude Group and Fluentic continue as we explore new opportunities and developments together.

Let’s Work Together

Want to hear more and find out how Fluentic could support the digital transformation of your customer service?

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