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Fluentic for Other
Customer Service Platforms

Fluentic for Zendesk

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Fluentic's customer support translation app offers fast, high-quality AI-enhanced translations for multilingual customer service. Fluentic integrates seamlessly with Zendesk, making it easier to provide quality customer support globally.

Fluentic helps your customer support agent understand incoming messages with a machine translations into the agent's language. This requires no action from your team, the message appears in your Zendesk workspace automatically translated.

The customer support agent writes their response and can then choose to either send the message which will automatically be translated to the customer's language, or choose to review the translation before sending.

See below how it works.

Let’s Work Together

Fluentic is also available for other selected customer service platforms

and as an API for flexible integrations.

Contact us to find out more and let's find the perfect solution for your needs.

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