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New feature: Content Identification

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

Customer communication often involves exchanging and filling in details about the customer account, orders, references numbers, etc.

Having to manually copy and paste this information during and after the client communication can be inefficient as it slows down the workflow for the agent and can lead to human errors.

Fluentic now comes with a default inbuilt feature that does this for you! It picks the important details (defined by you) from the client messages and fills them into the Salesforce case record automatically. This happens in real time as the message gets translated for processing.

This means that the customer support agents can focus on the customer without needing to dig for information and then move straight to the next case without having to update details manually.

Watch the video below to see how it works in practice as part of the Service Cloud UI.

This feature further improves the efficiency of the customer communication process beyond the language.

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A very interesting article. Everything is served perfectly, but try to work with the video. You can choose something for yourself here Everything here is convenient, practical and everything is very simple. Anyone can figure it out

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