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Invest in the revolution of customer service communication without language barriers.

Fluentic aims to be Europe’s largest AI translation platform offering a real-time customer service without language barriers for Salesforce and Zendesk users by the end of 2025.

The platform, powered by advanced AI and machine learning, enhances efficiency and customer satisfaction while fostering global communication and is already in use by global customers.

Welcome to the revolution of customer service!

Why invest in Fluentic?

💎 Forerunner in the AI/LLM revolution, opportunity to revolutionize customer service communication without language barriers.

💎 Proven, scalable SaaS business model with a high gross margin.

💎 Contract based Annual Recurring Revenue of 483KEUR at the end of 2023, expected to grow at CAGR 102% until 2027.

💎 The aim is to achieve positive cash flow during 2024.

💎 Well-known global customers with high retention and customer satisfaction in delivering real business value with AI.

💎 Well-aligned sales and marketing channels with a strong B2B sales pipeline to deliver growth.

👉 Invest now

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