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FY2023 and H1/2024 summary

Fluentic's board member, Ari Backholm, once told me that "Uphill climbs are the best times for a person." Lauri Kurki, Sales Development Director @twoday, has additionally taught that "the winner is the one who still has the energy to accelerate even at the top of the hill."

The year 2023 marked a breakthrough for AI. Since Fluentic's services are based on AI, H1/2023 was incredibly busy for us, and we gained many new customers. However, the latter half of the year became a challenging uphill climb as customers focused on aligning their AI strategies and monitoring the evolution of AI services.

Fortunately, our customers realized that it’s best not to overthink AI's possibilities but to boldly start experimenting. As a result, Fluentic's H1/2024 has been very positive. We have already acquired more new customers than we did during the entire previous fiscal year. The beginning of the year has been extremely busy, and I want to extend a big thank you to our employees for their incredible performance. AI does not function on its own; there are always people behind it who develop and teach it.

Now, it’s time to slow down a bit for the next few weeks and recharge our batteries for the successes ahead in the rest of the year. Following Ari's advice, I plan to train for uphill climbs this summer at Luostotunturi in Lapland, Finland. The summit of the fell is 514 meters high and can be partly reached by stairs, of which there are over 580 steps. In the picture, I am climbing these stairs, and at the moment, I can run up to step number 300. There is still time to enjoy the beauty of the uphill climb.

Wishing everyone a ☀ sunny ☀ summer, and let's accelerate the co-operation even at the top of the hill in August.

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