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Sentiment Analysis in Salesforce

Sentiment analysis, also known as opinion or emotion analysis, is a process aimed at determining and evaluating the emotional tone of text content. This analysis helps understand how people perceive a specific topic, product, service, or event.

Based on the analysis, you can also categorize, for example, the content of your customer service messages and better understand and respond to what should be done next with them.

Sentiment analysis often leverages Natural Language Processing (NLP) and machine learning techniques in processing textual data. It can be part of a broader process that includes analyzing customer feedback, monitoring customer service messages or social media, and evaluating other text-based information.

The analysis can yield results on various levels:

  • Positive: The text expresses positive emotions such as satisfaction, gratitude, or joy.

  • Negative: The text contains negative emotions like dissatisfaction, disappointment, or frustration.

  • Neutral: The text does not convey a clear emotional tone, or its emotional content is minimal.

Widely utilized in business, marketing, customer service, and social media, sentiment analysis helps companies comprehend customer opinions and reactions. It aids in identifying strengths and weaknesses of products or services and in monitoring brand reputation and its evolution. You can classify and visualize collected text to create an easily understandable overview.

Any text-based material, including customer and employee surveys, customer service tickets, chat conversations, or text gathered from customer social media, serves as a source for analysis.

With Fluentic's services, you can integrate and automate sentiment analysis into your global customer service processes in Salesforce, without language limitations. We can deliver analyzed text back into Salesforce and systems like BI tools or data warehouses.

If this has sparked your interest, feel free to reach out to us. We'd be happy to share insights from previous projects and discuss the business benefits our clients have gained.

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