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Customer Service Wish List for 2023

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

The customer is at the center of any successful business. Without happy customers, there is no business.

Keeping the customer happy is vital to the continuity and success of the business. However, the increasing expectations and growing competition make it all the more challenging for companies to keep their promise.

Especially during uncertain times, when unexpected outside forces and events are affecting the service needs and volumes, making predictions and resourcing more difficult.

new year resolutions

Some of the challenges that the customer service segment has been facing

  • Unexpected fluctuations and peaks in the demand for customer service, due to weather conditions, strikes, pandemic, etc.

  • Meeting customer expectations in terms of response time and service quality

  • Recruitment of skilled, experienced customer service agents and being able to secure steady and desirable working hours for them

What are customer-centric companies looking to improve and focus on this year to address these challenges?

New Year’s resolution list

  • Breaking siloes and having the customer service agents and teams work together for more streamlined processes

  • Lowering expenses by increasing the efficiency of current resources through

1. Automating repetitive, simple tasks with the assistance of AI

2. Better utilisation of highly qualified resources and their skills, allowing them to work on tasks where they can provide additional value

What could the ideal situation, or the “wish list”, for the year 2023 look like?

  • Recruiting based on customer service experience and skills rather than language proficiency

  • Fast, unlimited, 24/7 customer service provided in the customer’s language

  • Being able to expand and pilot new markets with the existing team

  • Gaining a competitive advantage through unbeatable customer experience

  • As a result: customer satisfaction metrics rising and business growing

Let Fluentic help you get closer to this as part of your strategy for 2023.

Wishing you a successful new year of 2023!

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