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Rethink Your Customer Service
without Language Barriers

Save up to 60% on customer service costs*

with Fluentic’s scalable AI translation solution for customer service automation.

Save on costs – Scale your global support – Improve customer satisfaction

Purpose-built for Salesforce Service Cloud.

Also available for other selected platforms. 

Simply Efficient

Efficient communication with your global customers is essential for the success of your business. Fluentic provides reliable, accurate, and affordable AI-translation solutions tailored specifically for global customer service interactions.

This is Fluentic:
AI-powered, multilingual customer communication


Reduce Customer Service Expenses

By using AI and removing the need for language-based routing, Fluentic can help you reduce your customer service expenses by up to 60%*.


Fluentic significantly lowers your customer service operation costs by providing an affordable and reliable solution that maximises the efficiency of your existing customer service team – empowering them to serve more customers better.


Improve Customer Satisfaction

Fluentic’s AI-powered translation application provides accurate, real-time translations between you and your customers, ensuring all your global customers receive the support they need in their preferred language.


Exceptional customer experiences lead to increased satisfaction, loyalty, and positive word-of-mouth, ultimately boosting your business's success.


Increase Revenue

Serving customers in their preferred language is a powerful strategy for companies to grow their revenue from customer service.


​Fluentic breaks down language barriers enabling businesses to connect with potential customers across borders, opening doors to new opportunities and revenue streams.


Enter New Markets

By offering customer service in more languages, companies can tap into new markets and reach a wider customer base.


Fluentic makes it easier and risk-free for companies to explore the potential and start offering service in new markets with their existing customer service team.

* Fluentic Customer Research 2023

Built for global business

From new arrivals in the international marketplace to Nasdaq-listed enterprises, Fluentic creates added value for global players in many industries. With artificial intelligence that learns and improves non-stop, we are constantly building on our experience to further develop our pathbreaking solution for multilingual customer communication.

A scalable solution

Reliable uptime

Enterprise level support


AI-powered multilingual communication 24/7

For strong and lasting customer relationships, it pays to provide service in the languages people prefer to use. Fluentic can help your business grow by effortlessly adding new languages to your customer support system, or by expanding your resources in an existing language for even better and faster customer service.

Instant, high-quality translations for almost 80 languages

Fluentic provides broad international coverage, generating instant translations for almost 80 languages with industry-leading quality.


The real-time AI translations are monitored and the AI translation engine is trained on an ongoing basis by professional human translators to ensure continuous learning and adaptation to the needs of your company and your customers.

Intuitive to use, no training needed

Messages are translated automatically when they arrive in your customer support platform.


There's no need for agents to click another section or toggle between windows – they simply write their response and it will be automatically translated back to the customer's language the instant it is sent.

AI learning for continual improvement

Fluentic is an AI translation solution that adapts and improves continuously by learning from every message that passes through your customer communication system. 


You can also easily incorporate product and brand names and other terminology to ensure that the translations fit your company and your preferred tone of voice.

Seamless one-click integration with your existing software

Fluentic integrates seamlessly into your customer service platform using native features and technologies.


Installation is easy and takes less than 30 minutes – and for more complex requirements, we provide solutions tailored to your specific needs. 

What Our Customers Say

“The Fluentic app allows us to use our current resources to serve an international customer base. We can now serve our customers in their own language during the early stages of entering a market.”
Tarja Karjalainen 
Localization Program Manager,
“Fluentic is extremely quick, affordable and easy for our agents to use. The quality of the translations is also very good, and the Fluentic team knows how to look after its clients!”
Kristin Bouveng
Client Services Manager, Partnerize
“By reducing our dependence on language skills, Fluentic helps us to develop a more centralised and synchronised multinational support team.”

Darko Popovic

Chief Operations Officer,

Ferratum Bank Global



Scalable solutions for everyone from small businesses to global enterprises.

Starting from


Per month, excl. VAT

All Plans Include​

No implementation costs for the applications

Free 14-day trial

Real-time, AI-powered translations in 78 languages

Applications live and available 24/7

Multiple plans available based on different needs and volumes.

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